Blast from the past Janice Dickinson at 24 talks about the reality of Modeling

Janice Dickinson was plastered all over my bedroom walls. I clearly remember this version of her face. I thought she was so beautiful and so not blonde for that time. I personally got a kick out of this and I thought I would share It seems that no much has changed in the world of modeling….

I love this mainly because it shows that she has always been a ballsy outspoken woman, who despite her antics (and over the top, sometimes inappropriate behavior) actually tells the truth about situations. In this clip you see the face that made her famous (she was just stunning) you see that her lips were always naturally full, and hear her talk about how she has to work hard to stay in shape!! She has maintained that physical discipline even now. She may have had a ton of work done- which she freely admits to but she still works to maintain her form.

One thought on “Blast from the past Janice Dickinson at 24 talks about the reality of Modeling”

  1. I absolutely love Janice. Actually, her outgoing and rather crazy behavior is probably one of the things we love about her, right? She lightens up the room. And I gotta tell you that this picture of her is just…. drop-dead amazing!

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