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Chinese Tops off American Pants Down!

It seems the belly baring rolled up shirt is all the rage in China- as a way of beating the heat Chinese men have gone all Brittney Spears cira 1998 and people aren’t pleased.

My favorite part of the article is “There are precious few washboard abs among the lot.”

Could this be their version of the low- way low riding, ass baring pants of the American Hip-Hop fashionistas?

Trueblood Actress Is Truly hungry!

Personally I love Trueblood and Kristin Bauer who plays fabulous shoe wearing Pam. Hear what she has to say about preparing to baring her midriff this season. It seems the only thing she will be ingesting IS blood!

I appreciate her honesty but what would be wrong with seeing a little thickness around the midriff – sacrifice?- sexist? silly? Just asking check it out here