10-Year-Old Model Thylane Blondeau’s Mother Resonds to Controversy











I am glad that she is protective of her daughter, and no I don’t think that Little Thylane should know about the “Buzz” which I might add is less negative but more concerned, and questioning. I guess she is talking about the Tumblr page that someone set up dedicated to the mini model. This “bad person” might well have been a fan, and assembled the girls work as an homage, which ended up as the spark for this controversy, and now the mother is feeling that she and her daughter are being unduly attacked. I get it but the reality is she let the child take all those photos, and perhaps one shoot at a time things seemed benign but when brought together it looks a certain way. And if this was a “bad person” with not so earnest intentions, well that is exactly what the uproar is about. This is an example of how you just can’t have things both ways. I hope that Thylane is all right and not feeling like she did anything “wrong” she is after all a child.