A Chat With Choreographer Camille A. Brown!!!

First I have to say that I have long been a fan, and friend of Camille, I have admired her work, her authenticity, honesty and sense of humor. We have gotten together to talk about life, art and girl stuff for ages and always with a great deal of laughter (as you will see) When I started My Body My Image she was one of the first interviews on my list. Pinning her down was the issue- that girl is always on the go getting it done. Camille is a petite fire ball of a woman with a unique at times sort of little girl like voice which at first might make you think she’s a push over but when it comes to her work, her point of view and doing business she might as well be 6 feet tall with a wrestler’s build a voice with some bass to it, she does not mess around! The thing I like best about her is her honesty. She is direct about all things, always works to be honest and maintain her personal integrity and while being respectful especially when she knows it might be hard to hear or it might result in a conflict- especially with her work. She’s like a lioness! (ok that description means a lot more with her new hair color! lol) It was my pleasure to sit and chat with her in a  3 part series in the about how she came to dance, her training her body issues, and how she overcame them.  In later segments we get into how she started choreographing  and her time dancing with Ronald K. Brown’s Evidence. (I think it’s funny that she shares the middle initial and last name thing with one of her mentors!) I call this a chat rather than in interview because it ending up with us being more like girlfriends kicking back then me having an Oprah moment. However I think that this the best way to “get” Camille. She is so very generous with her knowledge and supportive of her dancers (all of them including the students she works with around the country). Her body story is so moving and inspiring and I am so happy that she shared it with me—and you! and now Part 1 of Camille A Period Brown!


Evolution of a Secured Feminine

For more information on Camille A. Brown: http://www.camilleabrown.org/

Please Excuse my “Stop Bitching and Start a Revolution” Jack Kerouac tee, I forgot I had it on!!! but in a sense I have stopped bitching and started a revolution so in a way it is apropos, albeit possibly in appropriate for a certain age group (who in private probably use worse language) however it’s no excuse! just listen to Camille!!!

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  1. I loved Camille’s solo piece in Ailey last year. The movement was simple but was still amazing to watch. It just shows you that you don’t need a leg for a performance, just passion.

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