A Trip Down Memory Lane: Nicki Minaj Before And After Booty implants

Here’s the thing. I am not a fan of the Minaj. T’ruth be told I have heard little of her music but what she represents in her image is disturbing to me. She is to me the music industry’s manufactured answer to the “hip hop Lady Gaga”. A cute girl to start with, and clearly she had some skills as she did work her way up the ranks by spitting verses on more established artist’s songs, so why the need to have the buttocks implants making her a flesh and blood anime version of herself?

What MC skills she has are in some ways overshadowed by the fake booty and cotton candy wigs. I have heard interviews with her where she explains her different MC personalities and I have to say I was impressed, and thought her very creative, something along the lines of Eminem and his crafty music videos, but her packaging won’t let me get to what might be the substantial core of her. When I see these before and after photos it just make me question why? She was lovely before and had a fair amount of “cakes” to begin with…

Oddly young male MC’s need not have pectoral implants and have not problem taking their shirts off to reveal the bulging belly omentum of men 3 times their ages. They feel no need to hit the gym, they hit the 40 once and a blunt, they need not wear batty shorts and expose themselves to make it big.

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