Airbrushing shouldn’t define women’s image

Does this dress make me look fat?

The statement is overused and cliché, but it is popular because it is true. Many girls around the world struggle with body image. Going to lunch with the girls or going on a dinner date with that special guy can’t be just a fun time. They watch what they eat as though their life depends on it. That dessert that looks good on the menu or that hamburger that looks juicy and delicious are forbidden items.

If they do consume the delicious-looking food, they won’t be skinny. They won’t look like those girls on the front of People and Vogue.

They won’t look fake.

Let’s face the facts, ladies. The way women look in magazines and on billboards isn’t real. The photos of these celebrities are edited and airbrushed to make women look skinny and flawless.