Amanda Seyfried is the face for the most expensive Face Cream in the World

Amanda Seyfried

Japanese skincare line Clé de Peau Beauté tapped the actress as their new spokesperson back on October…
but check this out they are planning to moisturizer, “La Creme,” retail for $13,000 for a crystal-encrusted 50 gram jar — Okay I’m like put that shit in a recycled Olay container and knock of what $12,900! What does it do? That’s more expensive than gold. So you are on a budget you say, did Suzy Orman DENY you because you can’t afford it? well here’s the good news, Barneys  sells a cheaper version of the cream for a mere $775 it’s still close to your monthly rent, but if you do go in for it you will be the dewiest homeless person in the shelter…

Seriously I need to know what is in it and what it does that makes it so frickin expensive? For those prices it should cure skin cancer or at least 100% prevent it…What is it just that bejeweled container?  It sounds outrageous to me but then again I am a part of the 99% so maybe that’s why I don’t comprehend.

Well Beyonce just bought Jay-Z a private jet for father’s day, so she could probably understand….It must be nice.


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