Artist gives Disney princesses an ethnic makeover

This is a brilliant idea. I have to say that in my generation we didn’t even conceive of the idea that a princess (Disney or other) could be black. We were just glad to be able to have a black Barbie, Christie, who was really white Barbie in brown plastic. Her jet black hair was just s straight and shiny as her fairer counterpart her features just as fine… still the fact that you could play with something in your own image made a difference. I can’t image what it would have meant to me as a little black girl if I could have seen Cinderella or Snow White (despite her name) as Black, or of color.

Now artist T.T Bret and Disney fan of the Tumblr site called Let There be Doodles decided to take creative license with several Disney princess characters and created new portraits that were totally unique because she flipped the skin colors and cultures. The result is something really beautiful and interesting. She said:

I honestly just did this for fun. No political agenda, no ulterior motives, I just love Disney and chose a few of my favorite characters to alter. I feel like there’s beauty in every racial background, and this is honestly nothing more then an exploration of different races from a technical and artistic standpoint.

Check some of them out:

belle ariel aurora cinderella







































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