Baring all is out as bikini styles signal return of modesty

In the 1950’s high-waisted bikinis were the style, now many people are trying to bring that style back, but is it out of self consciousness of their body and shape? Last summer, I really wanted a high-waisted bikini because I thought they were really cute but I never got to buy one. This summer I saw a lot of women wearing high-waisted bikinis and I figured they were coming back in style. After reading this article, I learned that one belief of the reason why this 1950’s bikini style is coming back is because of modesty. Check it out:

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The bad news is that swimsuit season, with all its attendant anxieties for those with less-than-perfect bodies, is upon us. The good news is that baring all is out.

In a development combining style with modesty, 1950s-inspired high-waisted bikinis, one-pieces and even shapewear are the bathing suits for women to be seen – or even hidden – in.

In a reversal of recent swimwear trends – 2010 was monopolised by triangle bikinis, and the year before that by cutaway one-pieces – Britain’s high street selections have a distinctly retro feel this summer.

A poll by consumer magazine Shop Smart suggests that only one woman in three is pleased with how she looks in a swimsuit, leading some high street brands to utilise the extra fabric by inserting “shapewear technology”. M&S recently launched a 50s-style “tummy control” swimsuit which sold out as soon as the adverts aired, while sales of John Lewis’s control-panelled, Bardot-inspired Venetian swimwear have been up 65% in recent weeks. “Control” swimwear now accounts for up to a third of swimwear sales at the department store

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