Best and Worst Dressed– who asked you anyway?

Let me tell you I, like many watched the Oscars last night, in fact I even watched the E’s Red Carpet Countdown. Yes I endured Giuliana Rancic’s ridiculous comments about everyone’s body and Kelly Osborne saying how “Beauuuutiful” everyone is. I put up with such vapidity so that I could get a look at what the women of the evening were wearing. It’s all about the fashion. Where I love to see what the actresses are wearing I hate to listen to the insipid talk about it, which always begins with “So, who are you wearing?” I deplore how in one moment interviewers are face to face with the actress saying how phenomenal they look then in a recap they dog them out.

Personally nowadays I think everyone at these shows looks good, well put together and well frankly predictably the same. That’s because a decade or more ago when Joan Rivers was first unleashed on the Red Carpet she talked about people so badly that for fear of being called out many went and hired stylist. Yes it is my belief that Joan Rivers is responsible for creating the ubiquity of the personal stylists. Before said time stars simply dressed themselves, they wore what they liked, what made them feel good. Sure some like Cher were the muses for designers (Halston) but for good or for bad most just dressed themselves. The thing is, back then watching was interesting because you were seeing them- the way they wanted to present themselves, not them being presentable or being a the concept of what someone else thinks they should look like.

Sure they made blunders, and some created their own style a la Diane Keaton but most just looked like themselves and that’s what we tuned in for, them not safe cookie cutter cutouts. I miss the hot messes, I miss Sissy Spacek and her country Sunday dresses. I might be the only person who thought that Bjork’s Swan dress was fabulous, and I love Helena Bonham Carter and her Victorian style, crazy hair and her dark circular glasses, and Johnny Depp and his need a shower, rocker style. I love that Kate Blanchett chooses edgy couture designers, and that Julianne Moore loves Lanvin and neither lady is safe and they always stand out from the sea of safe silhouettes in the “on trend” color palette.

What really makes my teeth itch is the Best and Worst Dressed commentary or shows like the Fashion Police on E. And here’s why, it’s because all these people [stars] took the time to find these dresses got their hair and make-up done and left their homes or hotels feeling beautiful and great about themselves. And then a group of people sit around like they are in high school and judge them, sometimes ripping them to shreds. It’s just not cool. I know that this a part of the marketing machine, but it is just so unfair,unnecessary and who knighted them “fashion experts” and more importantly “Who the hell asked you anyway?”

I get it I get it I’m not trying to be a kurmudgeon but I think it’s just glorified, high tech mean girl action. I love Joan River’s I actually worked with her years ago but I think that her comments at times go to far and cross the line, and get personal sometimes. Yes I know she is a comedian but there is a line. I say let these talented men and women have their night, let them be the Kings and Queens of the Ball why do we have to be the clock striking 12?