Beth Ditto Slams “Skinny” Role models

The full figured singer has never been shy about her size or body and she cares little what you think of her. I appreciate her confidence, and her ability to may people face themselves as they look at her in her body. In her skimpy brazen outfits she exhibits more confidence and courage then the women who obsess about every calorie, every bump or lump, or expression of femininity (except of course for breast there it’s the bigger the better) who may succeed (?) in becoming tiny stick figures of their former selves but don’t feel any better about who they are and how they look. Feeling self conscience they run for the beach cover up and spend hours kvetching about what they wish they had, wish they didn’t or simply wish for! check out Banning Bitchfests

Ditto seems to say to hell with all that I love me and I don’t really give two hoots what you think. I love what she has to say about societies perceptions of health and thinness… She is absolutely right.
Ditto says:
“I’m not an unhealthy person and I feel like one of the most tiring parts of being fat and being proud of it is…you do a lot of proving yourself all the time.

It’s really interesting to me that people will look at a thin person and go, ‘That’s a healthy person.’ I want to go, ‘Come open my refrigerator and look and then let’s talk about what you think is so bad.’

To be thin and to stay really thin, sometimes… some people literally do coke all the time. Some people smoke cigarettes instead of eating. That’s crazy. But that’s ‘okay’ because you look healthier.”

And on the subject of thin being synonymous with health Plus-size model Mia Amber Davis who passed away in May was an advocate for full figured women and models and I found this interesting footage of her debating the idea that obesity is the cause of rising health costs in America, The clip is from 2009 but argument is current.

It’s a little how crazed the MeMe Roth got- I guess she thought it was all about HerHer!