Biggest Loser Winner – “Maybe I was a little too enthusiastic…”


Rachel Fredrickson shocked everyone at the finale of the biggest loser when in her final reveal she had wizened from 260 lbs to an alarming 105 lbs. Well in the aftermath of the backlash Fredrickson is speaking out and had admitted that perhaps she got carried way. In this week’s cover story for People Magazine she says:

“Maybe I was a little too enthusiastic in my training to get to the finale,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively .

Asked point blank whether she has an eating disorder, she replies, “I am very, very healthy.”


The interview took place three days after the finale, and apparently Frederickson looked “much more healthy, she looked like she had a little bit more of a glow to her.” according to reporter Michelle Tan.

Senior Editor Michelle Tan remarked, “She really was taking responsibility for the fact that maybe she was ‘too enthusiastic’ about her workout,”

The weight loss franchise, or at least Frederickson’s trainer Dolvett Quince seems to want to make sure she is healthy and on the right track, Quince has states the he plans to work with her on “finding a balance” for her fitness routine. That means going from working out six hours a day to 90 minutes a day.


Well I supposed it’s good that she (or someone) is willing to admit that there was something wrong here. It was just as I stated before in the previous post :

“Personally I think she might have gone too far. It’s that thing that happens when you start to see improvement, and you are not yet used to your new self, you just want more, and more, and it can (if not checked) move into addiction , and in this case a disorder be it eating or exercise addiction.”

The point is  that if in fact she has “gone overboard” that she get the support and help she needs to find her center. Then I think  the show needs to look at whether or not they were somehow culpable in her taking it too far, and if they are promoting not only the contestants on the shoe, and viewers to to the same? Only time will tell, Biggest Loser, it’s your move!