Body Hero Jean Kilbourne: Obsession with Thinness and More…

“On the deepest level, the obsession with thinness is about cutting girls down to size. Now one could say this more vividly than this relatively new size in womenʼs clothing, size 0 and size 00. Imagine a man going into a clothing store and asking for anything in a size zero, but our girls are taught to aspire to become nothing.”

Jean Kilbourne

This is an incredible excerpt from a lecture where Kilbourne not only discusses the Obsession with Thinness but also the themes in advertising that encourage the disconnection with the body (female) and how food is sexualized as a way to create or re-create that connection, the prevalence of and the glorification sexual violence in ads, and how the sexualization and infatilizaton of women / girls is used to reduce women. It is a long clip but so worth watching all of it. if you can’t do it in one sitting, go back and finish, actually it is so interesting it sucks you in!!!