Bulgarian Update: Night Time Talk Show host Slavi Gives me a Run for my Lev!!

My time in Bulgaria is coming to an end but a lot has happened since I last posted up. We had a great show with Dance It, rehearsals for 5×5 have resumed and we are rushing to finish, and presently I am in Varna teaching some master classes at a Arts School. I went to the see the National Ballet of Bulgaria where an Italian student Giuseppe Canale of mine was performing, that was  great surprise the program was “American Ballet for Bulgaria”10151858_10202671618344452_7108666839320775846_n I met a wonderful colleague from Germany David Russo who was also Giuseppe’s teacher in Munich (small world…)












Giuseppe, David and Me










Petur Iliev (our host) Christian Von Howard and Myself were guest on a late night talk show, the Slavi Show, that was a hoot, and now I am in Varna teaching some Master classes- A quick note, the school is not the only one and has been in existence for 58 years, however the Ballet and Modern dance portion to my understanding is just 3 years old, they have had Folk dancing…#lostintranslation

Here is the link to the Salvi Show our segment starts  from20:55 until 38:45