Catch Camille A. Brown’s Mr. Tol E. Rance at the Krumble Theatre Dec 6&7th A Must See!



Yesterday I have the privilege of sitting in on a preview of my good friend Camille A. Brown’s Mr. Tol E. Rance. I have to say I was moved, by the depth of the work which deals this minstrelcy through the eras. It is at once a difficult and a joy to watch. There is the reality of vulgarity in some of the gestures- some for their sexual nature and others for their racism, but what struck me is that all that she presents in less vulgar on the stage, than what we experience daily on television, in film and on the streets. I am always moved to tears when Camille performs a heart wrenching solo to the classic, It’s a Wonderful World. I urge all to check out their performance this Friday and Saturday at the Krumble Theater. This  work is a challenge that we as a people (I mean Americans) should, be, need to be, have to be up for! Here is some more info on the work!


Mr.  TOL  E.  RAncE  embodies  themes  of  American  history  as  it  celebrates  African-­‐American  humor  and  masterfully  intertwines  comedy,  live  animation,  theater  and  explosive  dance,  to  examine  minstrelsy  in  its  past  and  even  present  forms.  The  piece  sheds  light  on  what  happens  to  the  human  spirit  behind  the  mask,  creating  a  universal  dialogue  about  perception  and  its  influence  on  all  races.  The  work  is  heavily  influenced  by  Spike  Lee’s  film  Bamboozled  as  well  as  Mel  Watkins’  book  “On  The  Real  Side”  and  Dave  Chappelle’s  “dancing  vs.  shuffling”  analogy.  Brown  brought  in  dramaturges  Talvin  Wilks  and  Kamilah  Forbes  as  well  as  theater  coach  J.  Michael  Kinsey  to  assist  in  the  creation  of  this  vibrant  and  poignant  evening  length  work. Brown uses sketch comedy, live music, and haunting animation to celebrate the humor and perseverance of the black performer throughout history in Mr. TOL E. RAncE. This evening-length dance theater work also examines stereotypical roles dominating current black popular culture.The  last  30-­‐mins  of  the  performance  engages  the  audience  in  a  conversation,  lead  by  choreographer  Camille  A.  Brown.



Tickets  can  be  purchased  through  the  Kumble  Theater  for  the  Performing  Arts  -­‐  online,  by  calling  (718)  488-­‐1624  or  in  person  at  the  box  office.  Prices  for  performances  range  from  $15  -­‐  $20.  Performances  will  run  two  nights  -­‐  Friday,  December  6  and  Saturday  December  7,  7:30  p.m.


Kumble  Center  for  the  Performing  Arts  is  located  in  Brooklyn  on  the  LIU  Brooklyn  Campus,

One  University  Plaza.  The  venue  is  accessible  by  the  2/3/4/5  subway  lines  to  Nevins  Street  Station  and  the  B/M/Q/R  trains  to  DeKalb  Avenue  Station.