Cedar Lake’s Benoit Swan Pouffer Tells What He’s Looking For in a Dancer and Gives Audition Tips

I am so pleased to bring you part 3,4, and 5 of my discussion with CLCB’s Artistic Director Benoit Swan Pouffer and it only got better and more interesting. In parts 1 and 2 we talked about his vision for the company, the rep, and what makes a “Cedar Lake” dancer.

In Part 3 we get into how he feels about the body male and female, does he have a type? does weight, height matter? (side note: I love the way that he says “ebony” –e Bonnie!! that French accent get’s you every time!)

In Part 4 Swan shares what the Cedar Lake audition process consists of (and get ready- a ballet class is first) and he tell us what catches his eye! (Side note: I just think he is so sweet, he is so understanding and compassionate and gentle when how talks about dancers)

Part 5 is one of my favorites I posed 2 questions asked by a student and a friend. The first was from Annie Gagen a student in the Jazz/Contemporary program at Joffery Ballet School- she wanted to know “What are your pet peeves?” were! (he loved the question and replies “Dats goood, no one has ever ask me dis!” His answer was great! And then a Friend ask me to asked “How old is too old” don’t You want to know?