Corine Bailey Rae has “good genes”? What are “good genes”?

I am a huge fan of her music of Corrine Bailey Rae, I came across this video interview of Corrine titled “Corinne Bailey Rae on having good genes”. Reading that title, my thinking box was going: “Good genes? What are considered good genes?”In the clip after being asked about her thin and fit body, Corrine Bailey Rae responded by saying “I guess I have good genes” and it  made me think “what are good genes?”. I don’t believe in good or bad genes, but I thought it was a good question. I’d love to know what you think, tell me your idea of “good genes”. I’d love to read everyone’s opinion.



One thought on “Corine Bailey Rae has “good genes”? What are “good genes”?”

  1. Hey MR,
    I think what Corrine actually said about her physique and her “skinny father”, is “I’ve got his genes.” I thought she said “I like to ruin things” until I realized she was saying “I like to RUN things” (meaning manage things)!

    But “good genes” is something we frequently say and hear. In my experience, it’s usually used jokingly to explain why someone has really good health or maybe even stays in great health/looks great despite the fact that they don’t put too much conscious care into their body. I don’t think anyone uses the phrase seriously. They’ve got “good genes,” so never get sick when they go out in winter with wet hair and no coat, or they stay thin despite eating a lot of junk food and not exercising. I think “good genes” is a catch phrase to explain something illogical, or inexplicable, or that someone is lucky in some ways (are considered attractive, or are maintaining physical health amazingly well as they become elderly). Looking forward to your next post, Makeda!

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