Cosmo put ADELE (all of her) on the Cover!

Where the soulful songtress has certainly had her share of covers, most are pure beauty shots of her face, never has a magazine used a photo that included her body.  We all know that Adele is a full figured girl with a beautiful face (and a voice of gold), so she can certainly carry a cover with those liquid eyes and full lips, the camera loves her, and she oozes sex appeal. But her body isn’t what is considered a “cover girl’s” physique.

When Cosmopolitan Magazine used a full body shot of Adele on it’s October 2011 cover it should not have been “news” as their covers are traditionally full body or upper torso, with lots of cleavage. If they had not used her body THAT would have been the makings of a scandal. What might be drawing attention is the fact that we can truly “see” her figure.  Adele generally prefers the 1940’s A line style dresses that sinch the waist and float away form the hips, so we have never really seen her form. The cover shot has the zaftig songstress in a body hugging Dolce & Gabbana dress, I suspect the vision of her actual shape is what is causing the stir. I think it’s fabulous, I hope she likes it and feels like she looks good because I think she looks great!

And Kudos to Cosmo,  it’s good to see that when they asked Adele to grace their cover they also embraced her body and honored it (granted there probably is a bit of photoshopping- as with any photo) but she does look more or less (it looks like a little bit less) like herself.  Where I would have liked them to have left her waist and hips their natural size instead of slimming them (which they also do to a size 2 woman a well which is really an issue) I am pleased that they didn’t make her a floating head. Which would have sent not only the wrong message given their cover track record, but would also be the same message that most of the other covers she has done, “….But you have such a pretty face”


Here is Adele at the 2011

They probably took her waist and hips in a bit but not too much (could we really expect them to just leave her body be? seriously, baby steps baby steps)

Here are some previous covers:


One thought on “Cosmo put ADELE (all of her) on the Cover!”

  1. I couldn’t agree more! She looks beautiful. Now I hope more magazines follow suit and won’t be so scared to feature her body on a cover. It’s very silly that so many magazines have been unwilling to feature her on a cover unless extremely close-up (I love your description, ‘floating head’ :D), and with hands, hair or collars covering parts of her face that might be fleshier (cheeks, or under the chin). Do they really think women will run screaming if they see someone’s figure on a magazine that is more than a size 2? They need to wake up – we would welcome it. I applaud Cosmo for setting this example.

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