Debbie M’s Journal

Food journal…. Such a bad name.

Week 1


B- Cliff bar & banana
L- Salad, an apple, & small yogurt
D- Chinese take out- Brown rice, tofu, broccoli, black bean sauce


B- Fruit smoothie w/ banana, strawberries, blueberries, greek yogurt, soy milk
L- Whole wheat pasta w/ parmesan cheese, cut up veggie burger, broccoli
D- Eggplant w/ tomato sauce & ricotta cheese. Side salad & roasted artichoke.
→ some of the chocolate brownie desert


B- Oatmeal w/ soymilk & honey
L- Salad w/ mixed veg, 1 apple, 1 LUNAbar
D- Brown rice w/ mixed veg & veg. burger
→ 2 choc chip cookies & 1 glass milk
note to self- stop eating crap, could not fall asleep, stomach bloated


B- none
L- Sandwich w/ tofu, lettuce, tomato. 1 apple. Mixed nuts(almonds/cashews)
D- Brown rice w/ corn, edamame, black beans.
1 glass green tea


B- 2 rice cakes w/ peanut butter, honey, sliced green apples
L- Salad w/ mixed veg, baked tofu, black beans. 1 orange. 1 small banana. 1 Larabar.
D- brown rice w/ black beans and mushroom. Small greek yogurt w/ walnuts.
→ today I denied the offer of pumpkin pie and didn’t really crave any sweets. A light yogurt high in protein is a good substitute for dessert.

B- Fruit smoothie w/ banana, berries, soy milk, greek yogurt
L- Sandwich w/ hummus, cheese, lettuce, tomato. 1 apple. Grapes. Mixed nuts(almonds and cashews)
D- brown rice w/ broccoli, zucchini & teriyaki sauce
S- 1 nature valley granola bar
→fruit smoothies are a very energizing breakfast, I felt really good throughout the day.

B- Oatmeal w/ milk & blueberries. Small glass of diluted fruit juice.
S- Yogurt w/ walnuts. 1 apple
S- larabar
D-Salad w/ mixed veggies & whole wheat roll. 1 glass soy milk.

B- Fruit smoothie
L- Sandwich w/ hummus, lettuce, tomato, tofu. 2 small apples. Grapes. Mixed nuts
D- Salad w/ mixed veg. 1 fruit&nut bar. 2 rice cakes w/ peanut butter.

B- Eggwhite omelette w/ sautéed mushroom, tomato, shredded cheese on 2 small slices whole grain toast.
L- Yogurt, banana, 2 small apples. Mixed nuts.
S- whole grain tortilla chips.
D- Salad w/ mixed veggies & cliff bar

B- Yogurt w/ berries
L- Sandwich w/ hummus, tomato, avocado, lettuce, shredded cheese. 1 apple
D- Quinoa w/ veg and tofu

B- 2 rice cakes w/ peanut butter and honey
L- Brown rice w/ tofu and asparagus. Blackberries &blueberries.
S- apple
D- Pasta w/ shredded cheese. Rice cake w/ hummus and tomato. 1 glass milk.

B- Oatmeal w/ blueberries, soy milk.
S- larabar
L- Sandwich w/ tofu, hummus, lettuce, tomato. Baby carrots. 1 glass milk
D- Yogurt w/ walnuts. 2 rice cakes w/ peanut butter.

B- Oatmeal w/ peanut butter, cinnamon, honey.
L- Salad w/ mixed veg, 1 apple. 1 lunabar
S- almonds
D- small pinkberry. Leftover brown rice w/ broccoli & tofu. 1 glass milk.