Designers making larger clothes with smaller size tags!!

I collected several of my mother’s dresses from back in the day that are labeled a size 8 and I can’t get my baby finger in them even though I am a 2011 size 6-8, I knew then that there was something hinky going on with sizing. I have noticed through out the years whether I stay the same size or get a bit fuller my clothing size stays relatively the same, or I go to one brand and I’m a 6 and another and I’m a 10 (which brand to you think I buy:) Clearly when you can fit a size 4 instead of a 6-7 you feel better about yourself and it encourages you to buy the garment but does it matter that it’s somewhat of a lie? This is really becomes an issue (as stated in the segment below) when one shops on line, what is the real size? would you rather have the truth of your size (even if it meant looking at a larger number in the back of your clothing) or would you take the hassle of the hunt for a garment that fits so long as the tag makes you feel good. * we have to remember that the tags are inside of our clothing and no one reads them but us!!!

Courtesy of Huffington Post:
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“The Today Show” took a look at the difference in clothing sizes among retailers, after the New York Times’ most e-mailed article on Monday was “One Size Fits Nobody.” Said report, in a nutshell:

Take a woman with a 27-inch waist. In Marc Jacobs’s high-end line, she is between an 8 and a 10. At Chico’s, she is a triple 0. And that does not consider whether the garment fits in the hips and bust. (Let’s not get into length; there is a reason most neighborhood dry cleaners also offer tailoring.)

Uh-huh. Exactly as we suspected.

Writer Stephanie Clifford told Ann Curry that men’s sizing was standardized around the time of Civil War uniforms, but there were no measurements put in place for women and eventually designers started dabbling in the dark world of vanity sizing. Clifford also believes that sizing issues have upped the outrageous amount of clothing returns — $194 billion last year.

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