Eddie Murphy’s Model Daughter Bria spills deets on the Modeling Industry (like we Didn’t know…)


“Lots of girls get addicted to drugs and anorexia, it’s — there’s a whole list of things, because it’s a lot of pressure to be perfect. I’ve heard of people eating the cotton balls with the orange juice … they dip it in the orange juice and then they eat the cotton balls to help them feel full, because the cotton’s not doing anything. It’s just dissolving. And it makes you think you’re full, but you’re not.” – Bria Murphy
Ok Ladies don’t get any bright ideas, I’m not so sure that it is “harmless” and it is not good for you cotton has no nutritional value!!!
“Oh yeah, absolutely … I’m a small girl naturally, but I can gain weight. And I’m going through little hormonal changes and my body’s changing and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I’m gaining weight this week, I’m losing weight next week.’ It’s your job to go into a room … and some people will just say no without an explanation, and some will be like, ‘Oh, your nose is too big. Your butt’s too big. Oh, your legs are flabby.’ Like, they’ll just go on you, ‘Oh, you need to tighten that up.'” –Bria Murphy
Now I have to admit that she is right about that, it is her job as a model to look a certain way and (no matter how we feel about it) be a certain size- dancers, athletes, actresses/actors carry the same burden. So in a way this story (being of being judged physically) so as a model you have to develop a thick skin and realize that you are not going to be everybody’s cup of tea, and you are not going to book every gig. Now I do feel that bookers and the clients need not be outright demeaning to these young women and men. Often they get a power kick out of telling someone that they are too this or that– Now not for nothin’ but have you seen some of the bookers? They are often (not to me mean but to be t’ruthful) short dumpy women or men, they are no beauty queens themselves (and I am being kind). Think about it, their job is to help tall, skinny freaks of nature in beauty make a shitload of money and potentially become stars and marry rock stars (bitter much?) So they can be hateful!! These are the people who need the intervention. Until they get one future young hopefuls, all you can say is develop  a strong sense of self before you enter the industry – and those castings!

Bria-Murphy-Maxim-Bikini  She looks thicker here…         images-2and here,…hummm cotton ball diet?