Elizabeth Taylor Dies- Farwell to a great Beauty

Elizabeth Taylor was an undeniable beauty, I always say “When I was young if I had known who Elizabeth Taylor was, I would have thought my own mother to be as beautiful as she…” She was a striking woman with Violet eays and alabaster skin, and that body, whoa, who could evver made a white slip look so good? The thing I find so interesting is that through the years (much like many of the great beauties of her time- Marilyn come to mind) her weight fluctuated, and noticably so, but seemed to do little to her level of appeal. Today let a starlet try that she would be publicly castigated, and pictures of her in all sorts of disarray would be fodder for gossip sites. It brings to mind that first eposide of All about Aubrey, where she seemed fine with her weight out side of the “business” context but everyone just kept harping on it. Women in the public eye are under such pressure to be thin and remain thin, that the most natural and beautiful moment of their lives, becoming mothers, is spent under the impending doom of not being able to drop the baby weight fast enough. It’s insane ans unfair. So in this time of mouring let us take a look at an eternal beauty now gone, in all of her shapes, sizes, and ages, and honor them all, and in doing so perhaps we will create a space to do the same for ourselves. Elizabeth, you will always be our Maggie, our Cleo, and our White Diamond. Rest gracefully in peace.

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