FaceBook Group Plus Size Model : if this is your idea of what a Plus Size Barbie looks like… umm We’ll Pass


This just makes me do a Meredith Grey “Seriously?”. They have got to be out of their minds if they think that this mock up of a plus sized version of Barbie is even to be considered, I just say just forget it, because you are missing the point all together. First off, before we get to plus sized, we could start with creating a barbie with realistic body proportions. proportions that actually represent the “average” woman’s breast, waist and hip size. There will always be issues with capturing an “Accurate” representation because women come in all shapes and sizes, but they could stretch into measurements that are in the ball park.

When I see gimmicks like this (and yes I indeed think this is a marketing gimmick) it turns my stomach because I smacks of people not taking the issue of how the distortion of the female body and it’s effect of females of all ages seriously. It’s a game to them. Here’s why I say that. We all know that the subject of obesity is in and of itself polarizing, and inflammatory. When you take a topic like this and start the discussion at an extreme, invariably you will end up arguing the extremity and not the real issue. So when you create a plus sized¬† triple chinned chubby mock up of Barbie, I get the feeling that you are just trying to get reactions- and not in an authentic,¬† supportive way, but in a way that generates a viral response. I find it offensive, just as offensive as this unrealistic, and frankly unflattering rendition of what was traditionally the doll version of idealistic beauty. We all know that there are some incredibly beautiful full figured women, we have all heard “But she has such a pretty face…” there are heavy women without double- or triple chins, and waistlines. This was an insult to full figured women and was in no way to gauge the public’s interest in there actually being a plus sized barbie or even a average sized version. I see it as a commentary on how this particular group feels about the subject themselves, but skewing the study they tipped their own hands to show their bias.

Hey FaceBook Group Plus Size Model, don’t do us any favors.