Final Segment of Interview with Lynne Greenberg AND Meet Prince BEN (Avram)

last Spring Lynne’s son (and my Student) (Prince) Ben suffered a shoulder injury that had him sidelined for a while, she talks about how seeing her son in pain and injured effected her and how she imparted what she has learned about taking care of herself and her body wit him.

I don’t know if you all are ready, I know him and I’m not. I sat down with Ben Avram ~ Prince Ben to you!!! We talked about how his shoulder injury left him with a greater respect for his body, dance and a deeper understanding of what his mother has endured. We also talk about what his perception (as a 10 year old) of what was happening when his mother first fell ill, how his parents and family shielded him and his sister from the gravity of the situation, and how now after having read the book he has been able to connect the dots of that time of his life to create a complete picture.

* When we were reviewing the footage Ben got such a kick out of the shots of him “preparing” to be interviewed, that he wanted me to do a bloopers reel, instead I left it in, as it gives you a better idea of why I get such a kick out of him!! Enjoy- I totally did!