Fluvia Lacerda is our Body Hero Of the week!

There are a plethora of women in the spotlight these days that are (whether be it their intention or not) are held up by the media and their fans as Role Models, the criteria of which as atrophied from the already sketchy realm of being an actress, singer, model to being a celebutante, having a reality show, a sex tape or having dated a celebrity. It’s slippery slope and most of us are wearing heels. It pains to see that women are seldom awarded for being intelligent or having brilliant minds and if they are you will no doubt see them celebrated on a magazine cover barely clothed wearing “nerd glasses” and reading a book. Seriously. The commercialization of the female body in the media makes it almost impossible to make an impact without stripping down. Perhaps that is why the more successful women get the thinner they become. As their brand gets bigger they get smaller, shrinking, almost disappearing in a sense. Since My body My Image is about re-defining the concepts of beauty and our perceptions of our Selves, I thought it might be good to start putting forward women who we as females both (young and more mature (wink wink) can look to as inspirations, not just for their looks, but for the way they relate to their bodies, the way they perceive themselves or the edicts beauty that govern us all. Perhaps it could be their personal philosophy, for either standing up to, not accepting or managing the space they hold within that spectrum. Our inaugural Body Hero of the week is …..Drumroll

Fluvia Lacerda

Applause Applause Applause!!!

When I learned about Brazilian beauty Fluvia Lacerda I thought that she was fabulous simply based on her photos. It was a post on the Frisky informing us that she had named the Best Plus Commercial Print Model of the Year by Full Figure Fashion Week. But it was when I read her blog post that exclaimed

My body is not meant to be HIDDEN. Deal with it.

The tone of that piece is very much the “And let me tell you another thing” It is a total MUST read! but here is just one of the parts I appreciated:

What I really want and enjoy is shopping for clothes that look good on the body I have. Although it might sound astonishing for some, looking GOOD doesn’t necessarily equate to looking THIN/SMALLER to a lot of us plus sized women. Curves aren’t an embarrassment that we need to wear pieces to diguise’ em or use accessories to divert peoples attention from noticing my wide hips. They are there and I find no reason to disguise them (I probably wouldn’t be able to even if I tried, LOL).

how’s that for Appreciation, Acceptance and Respect! And that’s one of the reasons she is our Body Hero of the week. ’cause that’s how we roll!

In another blog post entitled

Summer time: letting all hang out without the hang ups

She talks about her love of heat, the beach and yes the 2 piece bathing suit, and has no qualms about flaunting her size 18 figure. She imparts such great advice to all women small, large, and everything in between. She encourages women to go for it and not to get hung up in their hang ups! Here she tells readers how going for it – and not being worried about what others thought of her paid off for her:

If I had limited myself to do the things I’ve always wanted due to other’s opinion in regards of my body size, I would have not achieved most things I have in my life so far.  And to me that’s just absurd, senseless and flat out unacceptable. Mind you I had a pretty hefty list of things I would not achieve according to others rules. And without even trying, I’ve far surpassed that list.


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  1. Fluvia is not only smart and beautiful, but she’s an amazingly supportive woman! I’m honored to call her my friend. I’m so proud of her!

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