Helen Mirren is the epitome of aging gracefully

There are very few women (of a certain age) in Hollywood who have the courage and the personal integrity to allow themselves to age gracefully. *Note I did not say “naturally” because I think that you can have some “support” and still look like you- just good for your age. There are topical products (manufactured and natural) that can help abate the hands of time as there are injections and yes surgery that can be a part of your maintenance program. It is a very personal issue.

At 69 years of age Helen Mirren is the star of L’Oreal Paris’ new television ad campaign and she has never looked better. She is powerful, sassy, sexy and alluring and she knows it!!!

What I love about this is that they let us see her skin, which has wrinkles!! and they are beautiful. She looks elegant and refined and she looks her age but just really great. I love how she is styled, it is hip and fresh but age appropriate. I think that thisĀ  is a stunning ad!