In Her Words: Chandra Roxanne – Nameless

croxanneChandra Roxanne is originally from Maryland, currently residing in New Haven, Connecticut. She training to be an opera singer while pursuing her Masters in arts management; In her spare time she enjoys writing poetry.



 I am your statue of violation; made beautifully for your distaste.

…painted distortions… a Picasso?

No, no work of art am I, but a kneaded clod of your configuration:

groped colors, oestrus shapes, raped tones. 

My body— made from the most indestructible material for your destruction;

I am nothing more than nothing. I am abandoned. I am jerked. I am pulsed.

Your hands snatch and rake, wring and wrench.

Your eyes—hangers—rip daily into my flesh gorges, sinews, vomited with hatred.

My essence—depleted. My soul—whitewashed. My heart—crumpled. 

Betrayal’s craters and the debris of rejection often brand me. 

The tastes of love know not I, and loneliness’ poison is my blood.


I am your statue of violation; perfectly designed for your distaste.

My head:  non-existent, for you are my head

My neck:  your Babylonian tower to topple like the mighty Samson

My shoulders: your platform for my forced submission

My arms:  your reins to keep me on the straight and narrow

My breast:  your forsaken lots and lost change

My ribs:  yours, encaging my life force

My back:  your pharaoh’s chariot

My hips:  your Roman columns desecrated

My vagina:  your walled outlet

My legs:  your indentured walking sticks

My feet:  your waiter’s trays on which to keep your tapped rhythms.


I am your duty; your machine; your playground; your experiment.


I am your statue of violation—

made in your image…
I am Woman.