In Honor of…

It is disheartening to realize that often it takes a great tragedy or the remembrance of one to bring us back, even for a moment to our centers, and what in the end really matters in life. In such moments the things that occupy our minds and cause worry, fear and anxiety: the desire to be more, have more, and the internal chiding that echo in our heads, gently fall away in the presence of events that bring the true importance of life to the fore. Yes it is a bit disheartening to think that in an annual moment of silence for those lost we regain our equilibrium and see that in truth every day we have – to enjoy, endure or suffer through is in and of itself a blessing. We are, at our essence forever and always perfect, enough, beautiful, and precious. When we ourselves do not feel it, know that somewhere someone feels that way about us and if we were not here, there would be a void in someone’s life, a space where the warmth, love, laughter, and joy would not exist, only the vacuum of loss.

On this day of remembrance of those who lost, and sacrificed their lives ten years ago on that fateful day, let us take a moment to acknowledge, appreciate, and respect both them and ourselves, and the truth that every life, including our own impacts, and imprints the world we share singularly.

The only way to make the world a better place, it to be better people in it….

In Remembrance,

Theresa Ruth Howard