Is Fashion Week Bad for Body Image?

By Robert Tornambe, M.D.
NYC Plastic Surgeon and author of “The Beauty Quotient Formula”

“The dress size of most models visiting our city this week is zero to two! Prior to these fashion shows, they are coiffed and preened by some of the world’s most talented makeup artists and hairstylists. Their job is to look beautiful, and they delegate most of their time to that endeavor. Is this type of beauty realistic, and more importantly, attainable?

How does the average woman compete or try to emulate? By average, I mean the majority of the female population! The working mom, the career woman, the professional woman, the stay-at-home mom, the blue-collar woman, most women! She cannot! The average height for American women is 5’4″ tall and average dress size, 12 to 14!”

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