Is it all over for Rachel Zoe?

I always thought there was something Ba-na-nas about the whole Rachel Zoe and her below zero sized celebrity clientele. There has to be something to the fact that all of the “it” girls that she styled and brought her into the limelight as a celebrity stylist were all anorexic looking girls who all had issues with drug or alcohol abuse. The more famous Zoe got for styling them the thinner they all got. Then there is Misha Barton and her bong, or Nicole Richie and her Vicodin for cramps that had her driving the wrong way on the LA freeway, and Lindsey -well she’s still going through it. Richie even alluded to the fact that she broke away from Zoe because she was unhealthy for her. She made the break and cleaned up her life, now is that because she was out from under Zoe, who knows I’m just sayin’

With all the focus on weight and BMI for models and actresses lately, one of the most famous advocates of the size zero style is facing some negative attention. For the last few years, stylist Rachel Zoe has been at the top of the heap. Her “girls,” the young waifs she draped in satiny gowns and oversized sunglasses, have included some of Hollywood’s hottest (and skinniest): Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie. But lately, the super stylist has been dogged by persistent rumors about her slim clients.
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