It’s All about Aubrey O’Day: “I’m an Emotional Eater



Here’s the thing, I was never a Danity Kane fan, nor was I an Aubrey O’day fan, but I had followed her antic on the gossip outlets. When I saw that she as the next d-list star to get a reality series I was like “Well okay” but I am in the process of watching the first episode and what hooked me is the fact that she has admitted to being an emotional eater. Clearly she has put on weight, she can’t be more than 5’4 and so even 5-6 pounds will read so 10-15 is a major shift. The thing that I am finding interesting are the comments that the men she has hired to be on her team make about her body. Johnny Wright who she has brought on to manage her speaks the truth in terms of what her antics have done to her reputation, and does say we have to get the music on track but the conversation immediately goes to getting her body back. Then before her dance rehearsal Gil her choreographer mentions that that she has packed on a few. She replies “Well, I thought that being thicker was good now a days” and he retorts “Maybe in another country.” The hardest moment to watch (and the most offensive)and when her rehearsal doesn’t go as smoothly as it has in the past he tells her that he can even look at her…
later she tells him that “It’s not easy being anorexic all the time- I want to enjoy a meal” Gil tries to say that the control that she felt when she was in Danity Kane- that kept her under 100 pounds was “discipline– She says- “But I wasn’t Happy”

The first thing that vocal coach Doc Holliday says to her is that she has a bit of Bumptibump implying that she is thick—but he likes it.

Interestingly when it’s not brought into question she seems fine with the fuller figure, she get’s dressed for a red carpet event and there are no scenes of her feeling like a fat pig conversely she looks confident and self assured. However when talking business she is well aware that her fuller form is problematic, and is constantly reminded of that fact by those on her team.

There is another observation that I find interesting is that there are no women on her team….hmmmmm

She seems like a genuinely nice girl, she is authentically talented but got caught up in the “celebrity” whirlwind, and even says that the “celebrity” stuff was paying more than the talent stuff. I can’t say that I am hooked on All about Aubrey yet and it’s clear that the “angle” of the show hinges on her weight, but I am interested to see her process of dealing with her body as that relates to the music industry.

By Lee Brown
Aubrey O’Day broke down in tears over her battle with her weight after being told she is ‘looking a little hefty.’

With new show All About Aubrey, the star has allowed reality TV cameras to follow her as she tries to relaunch a music career after being ‘fired’ by Diddy from Danity Kane.

But the star, who called herself ‘an emotional eater’, admits to finding the pressure of looking skinny too tough to handle after her choreographer, Gil Duldulao tells her she is hefty and needs to lose ’10 to 15 pounds’.
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