Jenifer Ringer on Oprah

I was so proud of Ms. Ringer for being more eloquent in this interview about her feelings on that fateful critique last December then earlier on the Today show. I think a bit of time and space brought her words and clarity of what that did to her. I thought that she was gracious but clear about the difference between Black Swan and the real world of dance “It’s entertainment” and “Well, we aren’t killing each other” and I agreed with her about the first scenes in the movie being more realistic to the ballet world. What I did pick up on which ironically was the theme of Black Swan was how often she used the word perfect. I felt that she might still be struggling to, in her mind remind herself that there is no such thing, but the quest for perfection still plagues her. One can see how as a young dancer she could fall victim to that sort of perfectionism.

I appreciated what she said about where her body issues came from and the contrast between the Waif ballerina and the Womanly ballerina. That is a hard one and there is a prejudice there and it is real. Many Ballet dancers who have breasts and hips end up feeling “fat” because they have shape. They could be just as bony as a no hipped girl but feel twice as big. It’s a great interview. in the clip Ringer starts at 3:06

Transgendered Model Lea T starts off the clip. Being Transgendered is like the ultimate Body Image crisis. To feel one way in your mind- no more accurately to be of one gender in your mind and yet to occupy the contrasting gender in one’s body must be emotionally, physically, and spiritually painful. I thought that Lea was wonderfully honest and informative to those who don’t understand what being Transgendered is. I thought is was the epitome of what we talk about on this site. And I was very moved, so if you have a few minutes watch her as well or if you need to Jenifer starts at 3:06