Jessica Simpson on the “Mom Jeans” Stoning of 2009~ Her Body Image is Strong and Empowered!!!




“I think any woman who is pregnant and creating a life is pretty much entitled to eat whatever she wants as long as she’s healthy” said Simpson, 33. “I wasn’t going to let the media take away from what was one of the happiest times in my life.”


In retrospect, Simpson is amazed at the vicious press she endured while heavier. She points out that in the infamous “mom jeans” she  weighed less than she does now.

“What’s so unbelievable is that I was probably at least 15 pounds smaller than I am right now,” she said. “What’s more unbelievable is that the press could create something so crazy out of a pair of jeans. What woman wants to be brought down for that?”


Read my essay on how Jessica Simpson, through her pregnancy broke out of the Hollywood body standard and created her own, personal body standard by which he lives, and backs it up by forcing the industry and the world to deal with her as a billion dollar business mogul and her weight is not an issue when she is at the negotiating table in The Crooked Room of the Female Body Image! holla!