JLo Shaking her Ass in the the teaser for her new album just set Women back…

Jennifer Lopez , A.K.A. Album Teaser: Booty


Ok lookahere. I am a 43 year old woman who looks damn good head to toe, I may have some  body image issues but I ain’t crazy… what the hell is up with these “powerful, self empowered” established female artist exposing and shaking their asses like newbies and come-ups? Why the hell does Jennifer Lopez– I will speak not of her talent  but I will speak of her popularity and earning power because one is not a fair barometer of the other… Lopez who was making 17.5 million dollars as a judge on American Idol has chosen to show us that she can stop with the puppies in her new video.

It smacks of desperation, it’s that Annie Oakley song “anything you can do I can do better” except it’s “anything you can shake I can shake harder, anything you can show I can show more!” Beyonce did it, therefore now I have to bend over  and pop it, shake it, dip it, and grab my coochie from behind and lift it up… to what sell albums? to get buzz? to sty relevant? I am not sure…The one thing I can be sure of is that it is not for money, she has it, a lot of it they all do. I have a nauseating feeling that it harkens back to why college girls kiss other girls in front of Frat boys at parties… It’s why every actress talented or not feels the need to bend over or spread eagle and strip down for a spot on Maxim’s hot 100…for the approval of men. I know that both men and women buy albums but the hyper sexualized nature of the material is not for us gals…well  not for most of us, many of the women who are actually these artists contemporaries would buy their work because…we like the work not because they are singing strippers with a fierce glam squad. Personally it all turns me off. I watched this appropriately entitled “teaser” and was sickened and saddened and immediately glad that I did not have a teen aged daughter. Concomitantly I felt blessed that I am secure enough in myself and my personal hotness that I did not, and do not feel the need to compete, to drop it like it’s hot to prove that I still got it at 43.

And please don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a middle aged woman shaking it, popping it dip, trip slipping it, I just believe that there is a  time and a place for that. I am middle aged, I have never been nor felt sexier in my life but everybody doesn’t need to to no, or deserve to know how I work my sexy. Part of that has to do with my confidence and my not just owning but understanding  my womanhood and femininity, its mystic and power, and above all its subtly…subtly is the key..