Katy Perry Pretty in Pink at the VMA’s

Clearly Katy is more comfortable with her body these days, judging from her body revealing ensemble at the VMA’s.


It’s hard to believe that  young woman who rocks the 1940’s pin up look, had issues with her body as a teen. But then again, the teen yeas are the teen years and in an interview with Rolling Stone Perry talks about developing the cleavage that has become her trademark:

• It took Perry a while to learn to embrace her body. “I started praying for [breasts] when I was, like, 11,” she says. “And God answered that prayer above and beyond, by, like, 100 times, until I was like, ‘Please, stop, God. I can’t see my feet anymore. Please stop!’ I was a lot more rectangular then. I didn’t understand my body. Someone in sixth grade called me ‘Over-the-shoulder boulder holder.’ I didn’t know I could use them. So, what I did was, I started taping them down. How long did I tape them down for? Probably until I was about 19. And, no, I don’t have any psychological pain because of it.”

Clearly, she puts those bad boys front and center of whatever she’s doing. It’s just goes to show you, that often the way we feel about ourselves is a mercurical, changing thing. The way we feel today is not necessarily the way we will feel tomorrow, sometimes it is a phase, like your teens, sometimes you realize that there are more important things to be concerned about, and sometimes, you just stop caring about it. Just as your body changes through time, so do you thoughts about it!! a good lesson.