Kirstie Alley is a different kind of Winner!

I won’t lie, I did not watch Dancing with the Stars this season. I have in the past but for the last 2 seasons I have kind of lost interest. The thing that I did keep track of was Kirstie Alley and her shrinking form. I think that it is just wonderful that through this program she has had an opportunity not just to lose weight, but to connect with her body on a whole other level. When you start dancing (no matter on what level or for what reason) you instantly feel muscles that you never knew your had, or ever wanted to. The more you do it the more your body supplicates itself to the rigor, it becomes in it’s own way yielding and malleable and once it gets the point of what you are asking it to do, it opens up. That’s the beauty of Dance (or any physical discipline really) The process changes you inside and out. People respond to the outward physical changes but it is the dancer who quietly observes the all important internal changes that are transforming. I sincerely hope that Kirstie not only “keeps the weight off” but I hope she keeps dancing!!! You look good girl!