Leann Rimes is looking mighty tiny

I am a person who tries not to jump to conclusions.
When you see a person be it in person, on television or in a photo you never have enough information to make an honest assessment as to what is going on. For instance, when I see that a student of mine has lost some weight, (regardless of whether or not they look “good” or not) I never say “Oh you look so great” I always say “Your body has changed, what are you doing?” because I have no idea how or why that transformation came about. I don’t now if they simply cut sugar out of their diet, or if they haven’t been eating at all. I don’t know whether or not they have been binging, or perhaps they are ill. My stance is don’t assume, or jump to conclusions, ask a question and get the information.

So when it comes to someone like Leann Rimes, and her dramatic weight loss, It’s hard not to immediately say “Oh she’s anorexic” but I have not idea, it could be a result of stress because of the negative press she and her fiance Eddie Cibrian have been getting due to their relationship, it could be that she has a new trainer and changed her diet, who knows perhaps (I hope not )she is ill. So I’ll just express a passing concern as to her continuous reduction and say with sincerity that I hope that she is alright…