LEVI’S Curve ID “Finally a Jean For Us” hmmmm?

Yeah Yeah Yeah – We’ve heard THAT before- a jean to fit all body types, sizes, shapes and asses. Well we’ll just see about that. I am putting LEVI’S Curve ID to the ultimate test. Taylor Owen Ramsey and I are going to try them on. If they have something that works for the both of us then they might well have something for you!
check out the promo:

3 thoughts on “LEVI’S Curve ID “Finally a Jean For Us” hmmmm?”

  1. Well… alright Ms. Howard. I am psyched to hear how it goes. I, from the description, am a “slight” curve. Man oh Man…When it came to the waist I always thought I was just … well you know. It’d be nice to fit all the way through.
    Thanks for being the crash test dummy.

  2. T’ruth, you must come back with a follow up. I am tremendously skeptical as all of those models don’t represent any of the bodies in my family or neighborhood. Curve ID? Oh do tell!!

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