Light & Fit 2011 Online Video Spot ‘Cheers’- Erika Hand sounds off- “The women in this ad seem psychotic”

My Good Friend Erika Hand found this video yesterday and it rubbed her the wrong way, I asked her to share her thought about it. Now you might already be familiar with Erika, she is the woman who loaned us her gorgeous legs and feet for the video demo on how to correct hyper-extended legs She is the one I shared my early feeling about the piece I was working on at the time Not Fat Not Thin:The Murky Middle Ground of the Body Image and her voice became a part of the essay. She is a dancer who lives in the murky middle ground and though very beautiful and long she has some of the same body images as the rest of us. Two of the reasons I love her (and love talking with her) is because she is a critical thinker with a wicked sense of humor. My type of gal!!! here is what she found and her thoughts on it!

I can’t tell whether I am going to laugh or cry. The women in this ad seem psychotic.

First of all who sits around a table in a well lit country club atmosphere after shopping toasting over their yogurt? Anybody?

I think my jaw dropped when I heard “Here’s to my pants not leaving marks on my waist at the end of the day!” Anyone who has worn skinny jeans knows how good it can feel to peel those suckers off at the end of a long day. And now, thanks to Dannon Yogurt, I have one more reason to beat myself up which I never even thought of, the otherwise “invisible” marks that are imprinted on my body from my clothes.  I don’t know about you, but my clothes leave marks. Even my bras. What the hell am I going to do about that? Sometimes when I wear long johns under my pants the inseam will leave a small indentation that usually goes away naturally. So what am I to think now- my calf is too fat?

The next time I take off my underwear and see a imprint in my skin, at least now I know I can turn to Dannon yogurt for solace.

On top of that, the creepy Stepford Wives meets Twighlight vampire vibe is totally weird. It seems more like a mockumentary than a real ad the way they are acting like what they are saying and doing actually makes sense.

Out of curiosity I looked at the Nutritional Information for this lovely product. Included in the 14 ingredients- aspartame.  80 potentially cancer causing calories. Hey ladies, let’s get rid of our extra weight and potentially get cancer instead!

Erika Hand