Look What’s Coming Up!!

I am so incredibly excited, not not only about the amount of support the blog has received over these first 5 months (we are on track to reach 15,000 hits!!! we were quoted on NBC’s Today Show ) but also for the things we have on tap for the next couple of months!

So I thank you all so much. Thank you for the positive feedback and for spreading the word!!!

I have been working diligently to keep bringing you good, interesting and informative content and next month I have some juicy things on tap!

First I am so psyched to kick of my Dancer’s Dish segments where dancers talk about their experiences not only with their bodies weight, diet but with injury, maintenance and the general antic of being a dancer. The dynamic and elegant Ms. Elizabeth Roxas who was a principal dancers with The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater of 13 years is my first guest. It was a fascinating discussion. I have had the privilege of knowing, and becoming friends with “Liz” for about 4 years now and I learned so much about her in this interview. She shares her “young dancer” body image experiences, and dancing through disability due to knee injuries. We talk about her post dance career body, and the changes she experienced both mentally and physically. On January 2nd she graced the City Center stage once again to honor Judith Jamison and her stepping down as Artistic director of the Ailey company. Roxas talks about what it was like to get back in shape and stage ready at the tender age of 52, and much more!!! (6 Parts)

Our Nutritionist/Dietitian Natalie Gaurnaschelli comes back (yay) and helps define the difference between Disordered eating and having an Eating Disorder. This is some great information. I reveal where I, hence the blog stands in terms of Eating Disorders- why I have yet to address it in this forum. We talk in depth about food restriction not just as an eating disorder but a a component of disordered eating. I share my restrictive behaviors, and how to come to a balance. Good stuff love Natalie!

We have Mental health specialist Courtney Veazey coming on board to add another voice to the dialogue on My Body My Image. Courtnay will address emotional eating, Natalie will be following up with the nutritional aspects of emotional eating.

We have a physical therapist coming on board to discuss body maintenance and health including how to get the most out of your physical therapy and cross-training. Very important stuff to know…

I am also starting a Teacher’s Talk Segment where dance teachers will share there thoughts on the body- technique and training I am so looking forward to these, Elizabeth Roxas as contributed and I am looking forward to talking to Horton Master teacherAna Marie Forsythe as a companion to the interview we did for Dance Magazine’s Teacher’s Wisdom.

Leslie Journet will be continuing up the body from the pelvis to the alignment of the back. How awesome it that?

All this and more, now doesn’t that make you want to get it as soon as it’s posted?

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