Meet Body Hero Author Lynne Greenberg- The Body Broken

I can not express how excited and honored I was to be able to sit with Body Hero Lynne Greenberg to discuss some of the reasons why I chose her for our Body Hero of the week, and let me tell you it was so much more than I could have asked for. There is such a grace and elegance about her, and her ready smile and sense of humor are delightful. When asked to recount what happened that fateful day she literally fell of a cliff she simply tells the story, when asked how, so calmly she can speak of it her answer embodies the all of the life lessons the accident has taught her. She is such an endearing, authentic person I only wish that you could have been sitting with us so that you could see and feel what she is saying. In this first section we talk about the metaphor of falling that she so eloquently uses in The Body Broken a Memoir to describe her actual fall during the car crash and her descent into a world of pain…

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