Men who are Slimming down in Hollywood

Jonah Hill has takes more than a few off reportedly for his role in the upcoming 21 Jumpstreet remake ( ugh I hate it when they remake something that was well done the first time around). With this weight loss he has reshaped his image, in the slimmed down picture he is really giving me director Brett Ratner if he was dressing up as one of the Rat Pack for Holloween. Good for him, I wonder if we will see his choice of movie roles expand?

Seth Rogan is another Male star who shed pounds for a major movie role, the Green Hornet. He’s also engaged to be married, things are looking up! They both look great and since I am always shouting the women out for their weight loss wins, I though it high time to do so for the men!!!

I wonder if they experienced the same weight discrimination Jennifer Hudson talked about? read more about what she said here

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