Mindy Kaling on being a “Chubby” woman in Hollywood and Body Shaming












Mindy Kaling has broken barriers in Hollywood, she is the first Indian American woman to produce, write, and star in a hit television show while being brown and chubby. In the society we live in it is unfortunate, but understandable that her appearance would be attacked. While saying that she is brilliant and scathingly funny on one had, her weight and shape has been fodder for unkind and tactless comments. Well never challenge a smart, witty and courageous woman and think that she won’t come back at you. recently on the Jimmy Kimmel show she had some interesting things to say to her detractors. check it out!

First of all I think that she looked great in that outfit, ironically that top is just like the tops worn with saris the traditional Indian dress… that women of all body types wear in her culture…. And I thought that her comments about what people think of her and what her lifestyle must be because she has meat on her bones (being glued to a couch) is hysterical. I love that she admitted that it takes her a great deal of effort to maintain her size. People forget that just because you eat a certain way and work out, it doesn’t mean that you will be, or are even meant to be a size 2!!

Rock on! Girl Power, not WOMAN power!!