AND THIS is why I have always detested the focus put on celebrity new mothers’ “post baby” bodies. I found this post on FitPerez last week. about the trend of Hollywood and celebrity women working to stay “thin” or as thin as possible during their pregnancies. where I think there might be something to this, let’s take the “amount of weight” out out it and just look at the mentality behind either the lack of weight gain – or the rapid weight loss after. I think if their is a focus on staying thin- or as thin as possible during pregnancy then there is a problem, if it’s about eating well and staying fit which results in not over gaining then it makes sense. It could be that the media puts too much focus on what pregnant women look like after giving birth that has given the obsession to bonce back within days a boost. If I see one more post about someone revealing her “post baby body” I’m going to flip. It should always be about the health of baby and mother! We know that as a society we have gone too far with this weight and body obsession when women who are having babies but their appearance before their health and the health of their child. Now we cannot for certain say that this is what is happening, it only looks like it might be what is taking place as we see photos of mothers to be with yoga mats and heading to the gym. This in and of itself is not a bad thing, there is no reason (unless the doctor forbids it) that expectant mothers should not keep exercising there have been numerous women at my Bikram Harlem Yoga studio (holla) who have practiced throughout their pregnancies, however for me it is the rapid post baby weight loss that has me wondering. Granted the women we are talking about have the resources to have chefs, trainers, and nannies at their disposal to help them carve out the time between feeding and diaper changes to get their workouts in and eat well so it is quite possible that they are going about “bouncing back” in the right way. My chief concern is that everyday women will feel the pressure of being super MILF and try to emulate these women in an unhealthy way or feel bad about themselves because they can’t drop the weight in a month. Health before Svelte!

From FitPerez:
Stars like Victoria Beckham and Bethenny Frankel are prototypes of women who gained very little during pregnancy with the intention of losing it quickly, and that worries experts.

Said Manhattan dietitian Lisa Cohn:

“Beckham’s in her eighth month now, and looking too thin continues to be part of [her] plan – healthy or not. She hasn’t been looking as vibrant – pale face, dull eyes and more drained. If her extreme post-baby weight-loss plan of shedding 20lb in a short period is true, it sends a dangerous message to other women out there.”
Everyone jumped on Natural Food Chef and reality star Bethenny Frankel when she dropped whatever weight she gained during her pregnancy but she explained that she never diets (it is the premise of her philosophy) but eats healthily all the time and while pregnant she worked out, then delivered early and had a few days post delivery where she couldn’t eat hence she lost the bulk of the 30 pounds she gained right after –plausible (at least I think)

Victoria Beckham has herself admitted to really working to be and stay this thin, so I can see her maybe having issues with gaining “too” much weight in pregnancy. She is pregnant presently and is like 6 months along and you can barely tell, she worries me a bit…

Gisele Bunchen might have naturally hit the gene jackpot not only as a model but as a breeder, she looks like the type who would have the basketball belly and never gain an ounce anywhere else on her during pregnancy so I can believe that this is sort of natural and even being as thin as she has always been (let’s assume that that is genetic) she has always worked out.

people went crazy when Bethenny Frankel had her baby and looked like she had never been pregnant weeks after but Heidi Klum preceded her in the amazing baby weight loss feat when she had her first son with seal and then weeks after walked the Victoria Secret Runway in a bra ans panties. I think this is what really upped the ante.

Now Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson was a woman women could relate to after pregnancy. She put on a great deal of weight, plus she’s a tiny girl, and it took a year or so to take it off. Actually her intense Dancing with the Stars regime recently took off the rest. Here’s the thing, we saw on her reality show that she really was not “working” to take off the weight, she loved her sweets, was undisciplined in working out, and was like “Hey I have a booty now!” Where she did bemoan her fuller body there was a reality to the fact that her life and priorities had changed and she took her time, and got there eventually. And you know what, that’s ok too.Padma Lakshmi was another new mother who took her time taking off the weight, when she returned to Top Chef after giving birth she was fuller, and everyone understood why- she had a baby and that’s what happened. What’s interesting about her is that she is very comfortable with her body in general, she has mentioned that because she works on a food show and has to really eat, her weight fluctuates when she shoots, so she has several sizes of clothing in her Top Chef wardrobe and is cool with that.
what do you think on this subject?
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