More From My Chat With Misty Copeland (pt3)

In this third segment of our conversation we talk about whether or not ANYTHING is “hard” for her, how Alexei Ratmansky is pulling things out of her as a dancer and artist that she never knew she was capable of in their rehearsals for his Firebird. She talks about how she was pegged as a “contemporary” dancer in the ABT company because she is an easy mover, but yet she was not considered to be “classical”. She speaks about how she started to believe that she was in fact NOT a classical dancer because she was so good at contemporary roles and what people were saying to her. She says she lost sight of the fact that she was TRAINED Classically and only classically. Hear what Prince helped her to realize, and helped her see herself another way. It is truly a cautionary tale that speaks to the power of words!!!

One thought on “More From My Chat With Misty Copeland (pt3)”

  1. Misty is such an inspiration to any dancer by showing it’s never too late to follow your dreams! She is also a great role model in what she does outside of dance. She knows who she is and won’t let anyone push her around-but she does it all with poise and grace! How I wish I could someday watch her dance LIVE! I love you Misty!!!

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