‘Normal’ Barbie– What Barbie Might Look Like If Based On Actual Women


What would Barbie look like if she were modeled after the average American woman?

Very different, it turns out.

Artist Nickolay Lamm of MyDeals.com used CDC measurements of an average 19-year-old woman to create a 3-D model, which he photographed next to a standard Barbie doll. Lamm then photoshopped the 3-D model to make it look like a Barbie doll.

“If we criticize skinny models, we should at least be open to the possibility that Barbie may negatively influence young girls as well,” Lamm said in an email to the Huffington Post. “Furthermore, a realistically proportioned Barbie actually looks pretty good.”

Considering how peculiar a Barbie body would look in real life, Lamm concluded: “If there’s even a small chance of Barbie in its present form negatively influencing girls, and if Barbie looks good as an average-sized woman in America, what’s stopping Mattel from making one?”







Ok this is my favorite view because for  “real” girl Barbie, B- is for Badunkadunk! Barbie’s got BACK. I think this is a great illustration to show us that ideal aside, we ( because the doll is based on statistics) are not so bad after all. Now I wish he could have made her hair mousy brown, and made her skin paler, because she looks like she was hanging out with the Jersey Shore Crew!!


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