On This International Women’s Day

On this International Women’s day I would like to offer the women who populate the global- and keep the globe populated the appreciation and respect due them. You, we, women make the world possible, not solely by being the vessels and bringers of life, but by being the nurturers and the first teachers of every and any being that inhabits this planet. Though through time women have not been giving their rightful and honored place in society we have endured and continued onwards. We strive, survive and thrive!!!

Let us remember that we must first appreciate and respect ourselves before we can demand it from others. With that, let us not speak badly about, or to ourselves, on this day and every day going forward. Let us extend some compassion for where we may fall short of the expectations of the World and ourselves. Let us honor our humanness by allowing ourselves to make mistakes and know that we are not those mistakes, nor do they define us. Let us on this all days going forward find, be awed by the wonder of our bodies their forms and their actions:
Our knowing bodies prepare for the process of bring forth life before we can grasp the gravity of the responsibility. Hips spread to allow, breasts bud to feed, hearts open to break and heal that we might know and pass on the knowledge and lessons of our lives to those in our charge. But we are so much more then our bodies, it is our undying spirits that are the unsung heroes of our own story.

So on this day a mere 24 hours given us, to be acknowledged globally for our contributions, I say to you, let the world herald you on this day but make every day your day, be good to yourself, allow your self to see your beauty, your perfection, your grace, and know that you are just as you should be on this day and every day.