Pelvic Alignment Series With Leslie Journet (pt1)

If anyone has taken class with me, or knows me as a dance instructor, the know that I preach the gospel of the pelvis! hallelujah amen!
(pee between your legs *watch and it will make sense)

It was about 6 years ago that I began to study yoga at the Ailey School with Leslie Journet who teaches the Anusara Method. One of the things that made this such a revelatory experience for me was not just the concepts of the method – but the fact that Ms. Journet was a dancer and would constantly relate the yogic intentions for the body with our intentions for the body when we dance. She anatomically, muscularly and energetically broke down pelvic alignment and the issue of tucking under and swaying the back, as well as how to properly turn out – as to support the leg in the joint, create space and more mobility, and prevent injury.

This is the first in the series on the pelvis. I am happy to say that Ms. Journet will be a contributor to the blog with series on the back and balancing the feet. You are in for a treat!!!! Enjoy and study!

Side note: Leslie was the friend who inspired the piece Unbroken!!!
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