Penelope Cruz Bardem’s post bady body!!

She looks great.

what happens during and after pregnancy is so personal, I just hope that all the women who have had babies and have difficulty losing the extra weight don’t feel bad because it takes them more time. The most important thing is not to be in bikini shape by summer, or looking hot and gaining MILF statues it’s your health and the health of your baby. It’s not a contest, it’s life, and the giving of life!!!

That having been said if you can pop one out and 2 months later throw on a gown and look like that, hey girl I ain’t mad atcha, well maybe a little bit.

2 thoughts on “Penelope Cruz Bardem’s post bady body!!”

  1. YAh… I have a wonderful opportunity with getting to work on a regular basis training women who either prenatal or post natal and I can vouch that there is a vast difference in time frames for regaining the pre baby body. Nonetheless I have an even greater appreciation for what it is that our bodies do whether we sport our six pack or not.
    Theresa, I just wanna say thank you for this blog.
    Having chances to ponder the thoughts that perhaps once haunted many of your readers (myself included), in a more healthy light gives us all a chance to grow and smile again.

  2. Thank you Steph. I think that what you said is so important to remember and not compare, and hey sometime even when you are doing all the “right” things, concerning diet and exercise, your body is just forever changed, and that’s okay. you don;t have to be happy about it but you have to accept it and be thankful that you and you baby made it through the process.

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