P!nk IS EVERY woman: ROCKS the AMA’s


It never ceases to amaze me that P!nk just gets better, and better while staying true to her authentic self. Her lyrics and the images she offers to support them have always been smart, sassy, brash and empowering to women, and her performance last night was no exception. The song “Try” is about the work that goes into relationships especially when they are not going well. Relationships are not easy but if you want to create or maintain one, you, both people have to put the work in- equally. Last night the dance performance in and of itself was beautiful (choreographically and performed). Then movement was the same as in the video which made it even more amazing because (as a dancer) we all know that there are all sorts of tricks that you can play with the way you shoot ans edit dance in video and film. For her to perform that movement live- with no editing was courageous, admirable and flawless!!!
Add to that, she sung live– Who does THAT anymore? well judging from the AMA’s last night very few! I have to wonder what all the performers in the audience are thinking as they sit there and watch those canned performances, and why producers allow it? It seems to me to be a cop out, or are they admitting that all these people being glorified for their talent might not have that much, when given the opportunity to display why they are being honored, they resort to pre-taped tracks. I think that P!nk put people on notice, she not only preformed her song live, but while dancing, and not basic hip-hop commercial moves (that is not a dis, traditional stage choreography is designed so that the performer can both sing and dance at once and look and sound good, with back up dancers to keep the movement energy up while the vocalist sings). Pink singing while upside down, slamming a dude to the ground, or being slammed was a feat!

Pink gave us a performance, not a display, it raised what could have been just an award show pyrotechnic laden performance to art..

I have always been a fan of Miz Lady P!nk, but now I am not only a super fan but have much respect for her as a dance artist. I hope that she inspires other artist to take more risks and get more creative. Maybe then award shows will be watchable again! (I think that Beyonce is online now looking at the Ailey extension schedule for the next Horton class)